Bermuda is a magical island by its location off the East Coast of the US, its reef, waters, beaches and old ship wrecks in shallow waters, its wonderful all - year-round climate and its unique traditions combined with modern buildings, ideas, technologies and facilities. Its air accessibility from Canada, the US and Europe and its advanced telecommunications and business infrastructure and services make Bermuda a rare cosmopolitan jewel in the Atlantic Ocean.


St James Court Condominiums reflects this Bermuda' uniqueness by its rare and envious location along the very scenic Flatts inlet and waters and its 15 min. accessibility to Hamilton, the main business and shopping center of the island, and to the Airport.


Small (28 apartments) with its 4 buildings spread out along the inlet and built according to US construction standards, its residents use the 600 feet private boardwalk to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets while feeling like walking on waters, enjoy the 3 elevators to reach their apartments and patios overlooking the beautiful waters of the ocean, inlet and the Harrington Sound, and enjoy their newly modernized swimming pools with transparent sea front glass panels.


Whether you work or not, whether you are retired or active, St James Court is a heaven in itself which, by its location in Bermuda and excellent on-site property management, is hard to beat in terms of location, modernity and scenic beauty.